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What is a Sun Generator?

The Sun Generator is a device that makes it possible to use the energy produced by solar PV panels directly, without a battery or connection to the electrical grid. This means that the energy produced is not stored, so it has to be used during daylight hours.

The electrical unit converts the direct current (DC) power produced by the solar PV panels into alternating current (AC) power (most household equipment runs on AC power). The unit is equipped with a standard plug so the energy produced can be used directly. By using the power of the sun directly when it is there, you can use the full production from the solar PV panel, with no loss of power due to storage and conversion.

Why avoid batteries?

Batteries contain heavy metals and other hazardous substances. This has an impact on the environment both during production and disposal. In addition, the batteries are expensive, factor which is particularly important for poor communities in developing countries that lack access to public power supply.

Areas without access to public power supply are mostly found in hot climate areas where the life spans of batteries are half of what it is in temperate climate areas like Denmark. In hot climate areas the solar cells will last 20-30 years but the batteries will have to be replaced 3-6 times in this timeframe, depending on their quality and care, making the battery solution even more costly. Without batteries solar power is both much more affordable, and the likelihood that it will function for many years is much larger.

What can the 250W Sun Generator be used for?

The Sun Generator is made especially with less developed areas in mind, where the connection to a stable electrical supply is limited. Having access to a Sun Generator will provide people with a good chance of improving and developing their lives. The Sun Generator can be used to run small household appliances such as radios, sewing machines and electrical tools. Additionally, it can be used to charge power banks, laptops, mobile phones and LED lamps

"Build your Own Sun Generator" Workshop

Currently there is no workshop planned in the near future. Nevertheless, a workshop can be organized on demand, as soon as the number of people joining is sufficient (minimum 8 people). If you are interested in joining the next edition - or if you want to book a special workshop for your company or institution - just fill the form below. You will soon receive an answer with the quote (if you are booking your own edition) or you will be contacted as soon as sufficient people is reached.

Workshop_Sun_Generator Workshop_Sun_Generator Workshop_Sun_Generator