Renewable Energy Training & Information

Running since 1986, our trainee programme has formed generations of renewable energy experts all over the world. Hundreds of engineers, scientists and students have visited Folkecenter for different periods, all with one goal: give their contribution for the development of a modern and sustainable society



Although we still receive trainees, please note that some restrictions apply:

For any question or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact Daniele Pagani,


About the Programme

The general aim of the trainee programme is to provide knowledge about a variety of aspects within renewable energies, both from the technical and the socio-economic profile. The programme is developed around the trainee, meaning that there is not a standard path, but it is a more individual process which is carried in cooperation with the trainee, focusing on his needs and requests. Folkecenter helps defining the path and can also provide suggestions on which projects to be undertaken, but self-initiative is highly appreciated. In the event that the trainee already has a specific interest or topic he would like to focus on, it is highly recommended to mention it when applying for the position. The request will be evaluated and can undergo some modifications, based on Folkecenter's needs at the moment, but it will always be a result of a discussion between the center and the trainee.

Depending on the students' interest and on the center's availability at the moment, it is possible to focus on most of the renewable energy fields. The philosophy of Folkecenter is to learn by doing, so trainees have the chance to make their experiments on real-life installations and technologies which are present at the Village for Green Research, where Folkecenter is located. Alternatively, desk researches can also be carried out, thanks to the large availability of relevant scientific material present at the center.

Researches and experiments are carried out in the project form: you will be supervised by experienced people during the process, who will assist you in your path towards renewable energy knowledge. However, due to limited resources, the trainee should not expect a constant presence of the supervisor.

During his stay at Folkecenter, the trainee will also take part in study trips to renewable energy installations located in the surroundings of the center and there will also be participation in conferences held at Folkecenter. In some occasions, the trainee might be requested to present the work done at events, which will be an important feature for the personal curriculum.

It's not only about studying!

Although important for the trainee's future (or present) career, studying is not the only activity you will undergo at Folkecenter. We like to believe that our programme is not only forming people knowledge-wise, but that it is also a training for life: all the people who visit us will remember the experience for the whole life and they will radically change their way of seeing energy and living with the others.

The programme has, through the years, hosted people from all over the world: multiculturality is a key word for Folkecenter, and a requirement at the same time: when planning to spend a period here, you will need to take into account that you will meet, work and live with people of different genders, ideas, religions and cultural backgrounds: all are welcome in Folkecenter and all should be treated with the same respect as you one would expect for himself. After a period here, you will not talk anymore about “foreigners”, but about “family”.

As it can be seen from maps, Folkecenter is located in the countryside, therefore you should not expect the same nightlife as in big cities. Don't worry though! Living together means also that you have much more opportunities to socialize and spend the time together. Bike trips, dancing and singing evenings, road trips or just visits to the nearby cities will enrich your experience and will make you become part of Folkecenter's big family.


Facilities at Folkecenter

We are doing our best to make sure that you will enjoy your stay at Folkecenter as much as possible. For this reason, we are providing a number of services which will make your trip's organization easier.


You will be accommodated in Folkecenter's facilities for the entire duration of your stay, therefore you should not worry and search for accommodation outside. You will have your own room and will share the other facilities (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.). The room is fully equipped and the welcoming package includes also bedlinen and a towel. Cleaning of the bathrooms will be done weekly, on a rotational basis, meaning that each trainee will have a turn.

The monthly rent is 1500 DKK, which should be paid at the end of the month. It is possible to pay the amount by bank transfer, mobile pay or cash. Please note that it is not possible to pay with credit/debit cards.


Free time

Wi-fi is available throughout the building and a proper behaviour regarding that is expected. The trainee will be held responsible for any misuse of the net.

Folkecenter is equipped with a library, with books and magazines in different languages, where also the TV and a static bike can be found. Some instruments are also available, for those trainees interested in music.

The location of Folkecenter makes it ideal for outdoor sports: runners and cyclists will find many nice routes in the surroundings. As it can be seen from the pictures, the Limfjord is very close to Folkecenter and it does not take more than 15 minutes by foot to reach it. The proximity to the North Sea (20 km circa) and to the THY National Park make it ideal for those interested in surfing (Cold Hawaii) or walking in the nature.


Laundry's facilities are shared among all the people living at the center. There are normally no problems with overlapping, but if that is the situation a washing schedule will be organized. The washing machine works with coins, which can be purchased at Folkecenter for 1 DKK each.



Kitchen facilities and tools are shared among all the people living in the center. It is requested that the trainees pay 65 Dkk/day for board. Unlikely the accommodation, which is fixed, food is paid only based on the days the trainee has been here. It is the trainee's responsibility to keep the account of days, which will need to be communicated to the staff when paying. Payment is done the same day as the payment for accommodation, but unlikely the accommodation only cash is accepted. This policy is due to the fact that the money goes in a common box, which is used when shopping.

Breakfast and lunch are “self-service”, so the trainee decides what to eat and prepares it himself using the goods available in the kitchen. Dinner is in common (normally around 19.00) and, to keep the price to an acceptable level, it is requested to the trainees to take turns in cooking: every day one (or more) persons will cook for all the others. National specialties are highly appreciated.

Facilities around Folkecenter

Although located in the countryside, many shops are available in the surroundings of the center. The nearest city is at 8 km (Hurup Thy) and has supermarkets, hairdressers, withdrawing machines, a pharmacy, a swimming pool and medical facilities (only during day hours). This means that 90% of the needs can be satisfied with local shopping; for the remaining 10%, the trainee will need to travel to larger cities.


Trainees are welcome to bring their own car (please, check the regulations with the authorities), but some vehicles are also available at the center. Although they should not be considered as granted, these cars can be used both for private (e.g. excursions) and work trips (requests from Folkecenter). Private trips are charged 1 Dkk/km, which includes already the fuel. A list is available in the car and should be filled when someone drives the vehicle. Please, check that your driving licence is valid for driving in Denmark (sometimes non-european citizens can have limitations in driving).


There is a number of bikes, both electric and normal, which can be used by the trainees. You will be introduced on how to use the electric models (and how to take care of them) upon your arrival.

An overview of the electric bikes available can be found here.

What Folkecenter Expects from You

It is crucial that the trainee is open-minded and willing to learn from the interaction with different people and cultures. Furthermore, it is expected that the trainee helps the staff in carrying out also tasks which might be not directly related with the selected research topic. We are a small team running an organization known worldwide, so everyone should be able to help in the best way possible.

Office hours are complying to the Danish standards: 08.00 – 16.00 from Mondays to Thursdays and 08.00 – 13.00 on Fridays. The total amount of weekly hours is 37.

Application Procedure

Who Can Apply?

Everyone is welcome at Folkecenter! Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, there will always be good willingness to welcome you.

How to Apply?

The trainee programme runs all over the year, so the trainee can select the preferred period, provided that there is availability of rooms. To apply, please send an e-mail to Daniele Pagani ( with a signed copy of the trainee's contract, your CV and cover letter, where you should explain why you would like to come to Folkecenter, in which period, for how long and on what would you like to focus. In case you do not receive any answer within two weeks, please contact us again.

Once your application is approved, we can help you with the relevant documents (invitation letter, learning agreements, etc.). Please, be aware that no help will be provided before the trainee contract is signed.

For any further questions you might have, you are always welcome to contact the internship coordinator, Daniele Pagani (



Please, do NOT send you application to, as the address is receiving several mails and your application might not be seen in time. Instead, use Should you not get an answer within 2 weeks, please send the mail again. Thanks for the help! :)

Trainee Contract

Before contacting us, we kindly ask the trainees to read carefully the trainee contract. Once read, please sign it and send it to The contract can be found here. Adobe reader or similar PDF readers are required to view the file.


The aim of Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy's training programme is to allow post graduate students, senior staff or persons having a thorough knowledge, background, and interest in the field of renewable energy and/or ecology to participate in our research, testing, communicat ion, and development programmes within renewable energy and ecology technologies.


The general aim of the programme is to provide improvement of scientific and technical capabilities within specific and/or general aspects of renewable en ergy, ecology, and associated disciplines in combination with cross - disciplinary and cross - cultural activities.

Improved insight and understanding of a variety of technologies and principles will be obtained with special regard to the Danish renewable reso urce base. The disciplines to be carried out by a trainee will in principle be on a teamwork basis as well as individual under the leadership of a professional adviser, and will include practical as well as theoretical activities, presentations, study excu rsions, and field studies.


Participation in Folkecenter training programme is based on formal application and confirmation in writing. Conditions given in this document have priority to any other agreements given before or during the traineeship at Folkecenter. Nullifying of aspects within this document has va lidity only with the formal agreement of the executive director of Folkecenter.

Setting the standards and requirements within the programme, trainees must have abilities of good co - operation, creativity, open - mindedness, and be committed to do studies and training in location of a rural district including researchers, trainees, and staff of several walks of life, cultures, religions etc.

Good co - operation and understanding will be of mutual interest, so the first month of the training programme will be cons idered a test month. Trainees can stay for minimum three months, which is a "normal" period of stay, and maximum six months. Prolongation for 6 months has to be agreed upon with Folkecenter's executive director.

Good knowledge of English language is import ant as English is daily working language.

At the end of your trainee period we expect that you make out a final report in English on your tasks which can be included in our publication list.


The training programme with Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy includes only a modest payment for accommodation and food services. The trainee pay 65 DKK per day for food and 1500 DKK per month for accomodation.

Excursions planned by Folkecenter will be considered as part of the training programme. Ex cursions of private interest and planned by the trainee are at own cost.


Folkecenter has rules for use of automobiles, a guest policy, and other guidelines in order to obtain smooth but regulated daily routines. It is ex pected that trainees respect these guidelines of which some express Danish culture and tradition

Trainees are expected to take turns to cook the dinner, typically once a week to keep the costs of board at the present modest level. National specialities ar e much appreciated.


Nordic Folkecenter performs various tests, design and R& D at the commercial basis for wind turbine, solar power and other companies. The knowledge that is obtained is confidential.

To prevent misuse and damage trainees and staff at Folkecenter are not allowed to pass on any of this information to persons, media and others outside Folkecenter via pictures, text or in any other type of communication during their stay and later. Only information available through public media and in final reports with the written permission of the company that has commissioned the activities in question can be used for dissemination and publication.


Residence permit if necessary must be applied for and obtained BEFORE arrival at Folkecenter and is the trainee's own responsibility. This cannot be obtained when in Denmark. (Except for European Union ( EU) citizens).

Folkecenter will supply an official invitation on request when needed for visa application. We request trainees to apply for residence permit for a period of 6 months duration.

Insurances will be the trainee's own responsibility except for activities arranged by Folkecenter.


Transportation to and from Folkecenter is the trainee's own responsibility. Special transportation and excursions can be organised when staying at Folkecenter.

Private transportation and private telephone c onversations are at own expenses. Trainees are welcome and encouraged to bring own vehicle/bicycle. Access to automobile at Folkecenter cannot be expected.


Danish tradition and culture represents in principle great openness with regard to access to offices, libraries, telecommunication, computers, and other facilities. Any abuse of services will be met with requirement of reimbursement and appropriate sanctions.


As supervision for trainees at Folk ecenter there are a professional adviser, a curator, and an administrative person. The guidelines issued by th ese persons should be followed.

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By Car

Regardless of the origin of your trip, you would need to approach to Thisted (if coming from North) or to Struer (any other origin), and then follow road A11 up to Ydby. Folkecenter is outside the main road, but there are indication on where to turn (distance from the main road: less than 1 km).

In case you have a GPS, you can insert the following coordinates: 56°41'38.6"N 8°24'49.9"E


By Train

Every hour Intercity trains with travelling time of 4½ hours depart from Copenhagen Airport (CPH), and Copenhagen Central station to Struer, 30 km from Folkecenter with transfer to Ydby (2 km from Folkecenter).

Twice a day Intercity trains (ICL) depart from Copenhagen Airport to Thisted. All DSB trains stop in Ydby, but if you are travelling with Arriva trains (the green ones), please remember to press STOP when approaching the station YDBY (previous stop: Lyngs). The train will not stop unless the station is booked.

Train tickets can be purchased from DSB in the airport arrival hall or online. In case of the second option, please, remember to print your ticket (or have it in digital version on your smartphone/tablet). The destination of your ticket should be YDBY.

In Copenhagen airport trains depart right below the ticket sales outlet. Guests will be collected at the Ydby railway station upon arrival. Call us at +45 9795 6600 (office hours) for organizing the pick-up.


Be aware that some trains split in Vejle. Take the train in the direction of Struer or Thisted. For train schedules you can check:


By Air

The nearest international airports are Aalborg and Billund, while the nearest domestic airport is Karup. You can plan the remaining part of your journey on

By Bus

When travelling from Copenhagen, there is also the possibility to use a bus. Please, visit rø and for more info.

We wish you a safe and comfortable journey!